Razorstorms Rise of the Runelords

First Session

Established some backgrounds that brought everyone to Sandpoint

  • Toma and Esraya headed here on their caravan’s circuit, most recently from up North. They are here primarily for the cathedral dedication, but secondarily to visit Koya and Niska and Ameiko.
  • Thia joined their caravan in a small village between Sandpoint and Riddleport. She mostly kept to herself, but recognized the Varisians as good and kind people.
  • Azrin came to Sandpoint to convince his uncle, Volioker Briskalberd, to come home to Janderhoff and resolve the family issues now that his grandfather (Volioker’s dad) has died. The day before the festival he arrived and confronted Volioker, who would have none of it. He is very dedicated to this town, and considers them “his people” now.
  • Lanabink arrived in Sandpoint two days previous, staying with her friend, Veznutt. She’d been out exploring the Thassilonian ruins at Wisher’s Well, but couldn’t investigate too deeply without support. He insisted that she go to the festival with him.

Played through the festival

  • Lanabink won the blue ribbon 1st prize for her amazing performance in the balance beam contest (natural 20!). Veznutt kept playing at different games trying to win her prizes, and he tolerated his flirtations in good nature, but not returning the affection. Around lunch time they sat down with Ilsoari Gandethus.
  • Azrin spent his morning drinking the nasty grog from The Fatman’s Feedbag, and ended up hanging with some Sczarni toughs, but didn’t really recognize the significance. He found his uncle and agan tried to talk some dwarven sense into him. Volioker explained why he felt so rooted here (also explaining a lot about the town history, in the process). He also offered to take Azrin to see the opening the play at the Theatre the next night. The discussion ended with Volioker getting angry again and storming off.
  • Toma and Esraya spent time chatting with friends. Toma demonstrated the Harrow reading, and then did a reading for Thia. (It was very significant, need to figure this out later.) They said high to Ameiko, who offered to let them both stay at her inn. They then went to visit old Niska.
  • Thia mostly followed Toma and Esraya around, like a stray puppy. She was very uncomfortable, as the townpeople all looked at her like they were seeing a ghost, and all giving her a wide berth. After the Swallowtail Release, butterflies were drawn to her, and they kept landing on her, when no one else could touch them.

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