Razorstorms Rise of the Runelords

The story so far

Goblins in the Streets
The goblin attack was repelled solidly.
The party saves the townsfolk, and Aldern Foxglove in particular. He immediately starts latching on to the party, and Toma and Thia especially.

The Desecrated Vault
The next day Father Zantus and Sheriff Hemlock rallied the party to check on Ezakien’s vault. They fight off the undead and discover that Ezakien’s body is missing.

The Shopkeepers Daughter
Shayliss Vinder lures Toma to her family shop and locks Esraya and Lanabink in the basement, then shamelessly throws herself at Toma. Her father comes down to find them at about the same time Esraya and Lana get back upstairs. After a tense scene, everyone gets to walk away, but Ven Vinder makes it clear they’re not welcome. Shayliss is quite bitter.

Boar Hunt
Before he leaves, Aldern Foxglove insists on taking the party on a boar hunt with him. He is clearly enamored with Thia, who clearly can’t stand him.

Trouble at the Rusty Dragon
Lonjiku Kaijitsu has a fight with his daughter, Ameiko, at her inn, where the characters are staying. After an intense fight the results in the PC’s standing up for her, and him getting swatted with a ladle full of soup, he leaves in a rage. Ameiko’s friendship with the party is solidified.

Monster in the Closet
A few days after the attack, Amele Barett ran to the Inn in panic pleading for help. The PC’s discovered her husband, killed by a hiding goblin commando that had been hiding for days in their son’s closet. The PC’s start searching the town for more hiding goblins. They pull Foxglove out of bed to search his place, suspicious that he was somehow connected to the problems (especially Thia). It was pretty horrific, and Barett family was completely traumatized.

Grim News from Mosswood
Shalelu returns to town, and Sheriff Hemlock calls the PC’s to meet her. She briefs them on the local goblin situation, and the tribes and heroes. Hemlock is going to travel to Magnimar to request soldiers to protect Sandpoint, and asks the party to stay around to protect the town.


Razorstorm Razorstorm

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